Manufacturers of Wood Fastening Equipment
Since 1906

The history of Stapling Machines Company dates back to 1906 when the Babcock Box Company was formed in Chicago, IL. As a result of several mergers and consolidations in the then fledgling wirebound box industry the company grew and subsequently moved to Rockaway, NJ in 1920. It adopted the name 4-One Box Machine Makers and later incorporated as Stapling Machines Company. in 1928.

The company continued to grow and prosper and today is the world’s largest producer of wirebound box manufacturing equipment. SMC equipment is also used to produce crating panels, bulk bins, pallet containers, tops and bases, and a variety of value-added wood products.

Stapling Machines’ Equipment has been sold to companies both throughout the United States and 17 countries in the world. SMC provides various production and marketing services on a continuing basis. Our Research and Engineering Staff are constantly working to improve the operating efficiency of our equipment, and to produce new machinery designed for specific requirements. Our Technical Services Representatives ensure that machines are properly installed and assist in training a manufacturer’s personnel in proper maintenance and operation of our wood fastening equipment.

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