High Volume Top & Base

The versatility of SMC's Hi-Volume Top & Base Unit addresses all of your wood fastening needs with one machine. Crating panels, tops, bases, decks, skids and re-usable pallet bins and containers are just a few of the value-added wood products that are readily manufactured on these machines. Combine that versatility with output rates of 300-600+ units per hour, there is no doubt why we call these machines Hi-Volume.

Stapling on the fly, making fasteners from bulk spooled wire you will realize 20-40% savings when compared to using collated nails and staples. Utilizing 600-800 lb. carriers of wire means both less frequent loading and dealing with the hassle of nail and staple guns. Adjustable spacing lugs on these unitsí conveying system means no more jigs, forms and fixtures taking up valuable floor and inventory space.

These machines are remanufactured from surplus equipment. This entails taking the unit down to the frame and building them from the floor up. This means you are getting a machine that is robust and built to last at an extremely affordable price. Available upgrades can include programmable controls, servo-drives and material feeders to reduce changeover, maintenance and manpower.

Increased production and efficiencies with a lower operating cost per manufactured unit will provide a quicker Return On your Investment, add to your margins and ultimately your bottom line!